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Professional Website Design

With a range of skills in Website Design, eCommerce, Search Engine Optimisation and Mobile Devices, there are many ways to help your business improve...
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With clever design, code and build you can have a site that delivers and provides you with improved search engine optimisation. We can do this for you and provide tips on continual improvement.

The following 5 tips may help you improve your SEO today:
  • Put keywords in your website pages that best describe your business.
  • Register your website with the major search engines (ie Google).
  • Ensure the website has no errors or links that no longer work.
  • Do not use generated website systems, as they have lots of unnecessary code and search engines dont like this.
  • Put your website contact details onto other reputable websites (ie
We can also help you improve search engine optimisation by using compliancy testing on all our websites, which means the code is top standard, and again this is prioritised by search engines.

XHTML compliancy is standard for all our web pages:

XHTML Compliant